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The Way I See It

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17th June 2006

8:42pm: It happened again...
In my last post I mentioned how excited I was to be going down to Panama City for Tom Sartori's concert with my friend. I was all ready to go and then (an hour before we were supposed to leave) my friend called and backed out leaving me two options... go by myself (just like last time) or stay home. I decided it was a better call to stay home although I am still highly dissappointed that some people can have such low consideration for others. Yes there was a situation she was in, but nothing sooooo bad that one night in PC would affect. I guess the part that pisses me off the most is that she was the one who talked me into going in the first place and then when I finally juggled things around and even found us a place to stay, she backs out an hour before leaving! Oh and she had to tell me in a text message... wtf. I'm sorry but I don't think I could ever be that rude or inconsiderate no matter what the circumstances.
Current Mood: pissed off

15th June 2006

9:52pm: SO EXCITED!
True love for a band is when you actually travel to see them... even if it's just to Panama City. Tomorrow Me and a friend are going to Panama City for Tom Sartori's show at Spinnakers! At First I didn't think I was going to be able to go due to the extremely high hotel prices, but my friend who lives down there is hooking us up with a free place to stay!! I am so excited... I have really been needing to get out of this place... for at least a day :)
Current Mood: ecstatic

9th June 2006

10:13pm: The crazy is kicking in...
So it's June again... This year seemed to pass unusually fast. It doesn't seem like much has changed(at least with me), I'm doing exactly what I was doing last year. Yes I'm still babysitting, still working at Premier, still in School, and still single. I'm kind of torn on the single issue. A really big part of me likes being single... I like being able to do what I want without having to fit someone else in. A lot of my friends joke saying that I'm not a boyfriend type of girl. I think that I could be but I feel smothered easily, especially if someone is always wanting to hang out. I have a lot of friends and I try to find time to hang out with everyone. The hardest part about this is that I have a lot of friends that don't like eachother. So I can't just have a huge party once a week where we can all get together... as great as that would be :) This summer is starting to remind me of last summer and all the crazy stuff that happened. The funny thing is that things are happening in the same way they were a year ago... there are just different people involved. I've noticed myself comparing things happening now to things that are in the past now. I hate it when I do this. I guess in a way I'm amused by it which is always good. I'm interested to see where this ride is going to take me and how it's gonna end... cause eventually everything comes to an end.

19th May 2006

10:09pm: An update... plain and simple
So I have been busy and finally got to see most of my friends last night at TND after what must have been like 3 weeks... way too long! I was in Cabo San Lucas on a job last week which is why a lot of you might not have been able to get in touch with me... my phone was supposed to work out there but anyways, it was extremely beautiful there and definitely the closest thing to paradise that I've ever seen. On a more depressing note, I'm turning yet another year older on Sunday so tomorrow night I'm going to hit the town and celebrate my last night of being 23...it was a pretty fun age ;) I'll be at Bullwinkles and before that either Osaka or Mori's I can't decide... so if you want to join, COME ON!!
Current Mood: cheerful

9th April 2006

2:35pm: OMG...Is it already Sunday?
If you didn't see me out this weekend it's cause I was babysitting the handicapped girl that I used to babysit everyday for five years. Yep I was there Friday thorugh just a couple minutes ago. It was ok, I made some money that I'm in desperate need of, but I really really wanted to go out and I really really wantded to get online but their internet wasn't working so I was going through some major withdrawls this past weekend. Now it's crunch time with my school stuff til Wednesday then I'm heading to Panama City for three days to visit my friend that is down from Alaska!! I'm so excited about this that I can hardley focus which really sucks because now through Wednesday afternoon I need to do some major focusing. Ahhh I guess I better get working on this sign language video... it's almost over... it's almost over (unless I fail) :(
Current Mood: busy

6th April 2006

7:15pm: Well I did it...
I decided to go Brunette!! I was tired of the red and always being refered to as the "redhead" I've heard it all my life... as well as the 20,000 compliments on it, which I have never understood. Unfortunately... red hair is very stubborn (kinda like me) and doesn't like it when people try to alter it, so despite how much the hairdresser fought with it, it refused to completely give in. Sooooo there is still a major red tint to it, but at least it's a lot darker. It's only semi-perminent also, so after my PC trip it will probably be back to normal again. Damn hair!!

27th March 2006

12:14am: An Amazzzzzzzing summer is within reach!!
So I have decided to skip out on classes this summer and graduate a semester later than what I wanted... but hey I couldn't pass on the opportunity to go to Cabo San Lucas for a whole week expenses paid plus $100 a day!! Besides that I am going to NYC for the Forth of July and Family vacation to DC and a couple surrounding places in August. I have also heard that I might be going to San Francisco sometime this Summer also...expenses paid plus pay (I really do love babysitting) and to kick it all off I will be going to PC in two weeks for three days to visit a good friend and to finally go pairasailing!! Now that I've mentioned all this, I do admit that I have been fairly stressed lately because in a way I feel very lost. I'm not in a hurry to graduate because I really don't know what to do after I graduate. I want to get out of Tallahassee so bad, but the idea of packing up and leaving and finding a real job that will pay all the bills scares the hell out of me. I don't like to do things by myself... except shop, so when the day finally comes that I just can't stand it anymore don't be surprised if I come to you asking you to come with me ( I assume anyone reading this is a friend and someone I know :) Anyways... I could say more but I'm sick of typing ;)
Current Mood: anxious

25th January 2006

1:01am: YAY I'm leaving Tallahassee...
Well at least for the next five days! I'm going to Santa Fe, NM with a family that I babysit for. I'm supposed to be going as a babysitter but I don't think I'm really going to be babysitting. They are setting me up with ski lessons and then they are putting the ten month old in the resorts childcare so that I can go skiing with them!! I'm psyched but at the same time I'm a little terrified that I'm going to break a leg or worse, but I'm trying to stay positive :) Wish me luck!!
Current Mood: excited

20th January 2006

If anyone is taking advertising this semester and needs the 7th edition book but doesn't want to pay the insane price of $150.... I am selling one for $90!!! It is the 7th edition Principles of Advertising. The only difference is that it is the international version, which is soft cover but the material is IDENTICAL same pages ect to the one at Bills! The book is brand new and is still wrapped up. The reason why I have an extra one is because I accidently ordered two when I was ordering myself one. Let me know ASAP or it's being shipped back on Tuesday!

10th January 2006

6:36pm: Anyone needing a job???
I work at Premier Health and Fitness Center in the childcare, and we have an opening. It is a great job if you love kids or at least can tolerate them for several hours. The pay is ok, $7 an hour plus you get a free membership at Tallahassee's best gym!! We need someone who is availabe to work Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-8. Of course you will have the opportuity to work more than that if you want to :) I pretty much live there! If any of you are interested please let me know ASAP! either leave a comment or e-mail me at mary_lefstead@hotmail.com or kal04d@fsu.edu and make sure you put something like "Premier Job" in the subject area. One last thing... we are affiliated with TMH and before getting hired you must pass a drug test and background check... just to let you know :)

25th December 2005

1:42pm: Happy Holidays to all of you near and far!!
Current Mood: chipper

18th December 2005

6:52pm: Free Couches!!!!
Hey peoples... My parents just bought a new couch set so we have two couches to get rid of. They are very comfy!! Lemme know if you want em :)

29th October 2005

7:27pm: It's official...
My has been straightened and I LOVE IT!!! Now I'm contemplating dying it brown...which means that I probably will :) I'm sure I will be seeing a lot of you at the parties tonight. I'll either be tinkerbell or a bunny...I'm still deciding.
Current Mood: excited

17th October 2005

8:59pm: Some good ol' crazy times ;)
Ahhh this past weekend was sooo much fun, and extremely crazy! Just what I needed after last week. I attended TND for the first time and had a blast on Thursday (maybe a little too much fun)yes Thursday is now the beginning of the weekend for me:) Ah geez.Friday Me and Abi rocked Stetsons from 9-2...my feet just recently stopped hurting! Saturday I got to chill with my buddie Tony after the ummmm game (let's not talk about that) and on Sunday I had a cookout with Michelle and her husband and then we went to see Just Like Heaven...loved it and recommend it to anyone who loves chick flicks :) Now I'm babysitting again but it's all good and hopefully I'll hit up Poor Pauls later on with the crew. Ahhh crazy good times :-)
Current Mood: cheerful

12th October 2005

7:51pm: Ahh the joys of babysitting...
So for those of you who don't know...I babysit A LOT!! It is good $$ and I really do love it. It is just those times when a baby just won't stop crying that start to remind me why I may not want kids of my own. Like tonight...I am babysitting a six month old at the moment and usually he goes to sleep before I get here, but tonight I had to put him to bed. Let me tell you...a baby can scream! So in despiration to get him to stop I started singing (something many people will never hear me do!)But I guess babies or at least this baby didn't mind that I can't carry a tone to save my life! He fell almost instantly asleep once I started singing. I'm amazed...but hopefully I won't have to do that too often! Now lets just pray that he stays asleep so I can get some studying done before LOST comes on. Hehe real dedicated student here!
Current Mood: surprised

3rd October 2005

7:59pm: Ok...time for the monthly update!
GOSH! where to start? It seems like so much is going on but when I really think about it... not that much is really going on besides WORKING, and school of course! In the past month I have gone to bed bofore 11 on a weekend night at least twice ( and for those of you who really know me...you know that isin't normal...AT ALL!)Time has been flying by ever since summer started. I remember predicting at the beginning of summer that I was in for some wild times and I was more than right. Ahh I miss summer...to an extent. I really miss last spring though. It really was the best time ever...with a different theme party every weekend! Ahhh...those were the good old days :) Lol I'm already planning my next big trip...but that shouldn't be too much of a surprise to you all...this time it is going to be to Alaska instead of Vegas, like I have done the past two summers! I'm in the mood for change, and what's more of a change than Alaska? Plus I have a good friend who is living up there which is why I decided to go in the first place :) Geese, I'm not going til' the end of May but I'm already so excited...I need to get the hell out of here for a while! People tell me that I just need to "chill" and save my money for a while which I am doing...kind of...ok maybe not too much. But let me share this little story with you that my teacher shared with my class back in high school...one of the lessons that I learned there. She had a friend who saved every penny she earned. She saved and saved so that eventually she could spend it on something really nice...maybe a trip to Alaska or Vegas hehe ok you get the gist, but then she suddenly became very ill and died and ended up not ever getting to do anything spectacular with all the money she had saved! So while I do believe that it is important to have some kind of "nest egg" I also believe that when the opportunity arises for you to dip into your bank and go on an amazing trip or buy those awesome shoes or whatever...DO IT...after all, you only live once :) Ok class, that's all for today. Hehe <3 you all!
Current Mood: thoughtful

3rd September 2005

9:50pm: I guess it's about time to update this bitch!
Well school is back in and I'm glad the first week is over! My schedule is finally set and I really can't complain. My teachers seem cool which is most important :) I had to drop the class that required two twenty page essays! Hell fucking NO I won't be writing that much EVER!! I also just dropped a class that required a seven page essay... ok not that seven pages is too bad but I found the same class with a better teacher...no esssays!! what can I say, I hate essays! Aside from school life has been good...I might even say great! I just got reunited with an old high school buddie who is a blast to hang out with... I just sold my car today!!!....and on Monday I'm going to the game with Lorra and we have awesome seats thanks to Steve!! Now we need to beat those CANES!!! On a last note... I can't believe the fucking gas prices!! This is bad guys...really bad! Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my little ramblings. That's all folks!
Current Mood: cheerful

13th August 2005

10:17pm: My six favorite songs at the moment....
This is a tough one! Pick six songs that that you just can't stop listening to and then tag six people to do the same.

Hmmmmm....I guess I'll have to go with:

1) What's going on---- Four Non Blonds
2) Pour Some Sugar On me---- Def Leppard
3) Breathe---- Anna Nalick
4) Here I go again----- Whitesnake
5) Living on a prayer-----Bon Jovi
6) Come Monday---- Jimmy Buffet

How about this... If you just read this then your tagged! Haha gotcha!! Have fun
Current Mood: giddy

31st July 2005

11:25am: Haha...I guess this is true for the most part
Blueyedgirl82 is happy.
You're a rosy-cheeked ray of f'ing sunshine 24/7. I bet you smile a lot and little things don't get you down. Must be nice. Fuchsia's definitely your color.
brought to you by interim32. wanna know your lj's moodring color? enter your user name and hit the button. (discussion thread)

Yeah... I have a lot of stress in my life at the moment, but I am still smiling! Maybe it's because I don't think about the bad stuff too much! Maybe liquor helps too :) Just kidding, kind of, hmmmmm...not really ;)
Current Mood: happy

28th July 2005

2:18pm: What's going on?....
This is the question I have been asking myself for quite sometime now! When I stop and take a moment to think about what's going on in my life right now, I find myself stressed to the max! I have so much shit that I'm dealing with right now...it almost seems unbelievable. I'm working my ass off trying to get out of the debt that somehow has gotten a little too high (don't ask) and now I'm being forced to buy a new car (newer car) because I refuse to put one more dime into the POS car I have right now. It is slowly falling apart piece by piece...slowly meaning that every other month I'm putting out $300-$500 for some random problem the car obtains. I would also like to move out one day but the way things are going I think I'll stay put for a while! On a new note... guys are frustrating! I don't need to go in depth on this one though. Somethings will never change and and you boys fall into that category. Yeah yeah...you say the same about us...we know, but at least we admit it! This will be a battle to the end I'm afraid. This is just my current mood... In a little while I'll be the goofy Mary you all know and love...RIGHT?
Current Mood: stressed

22nd July 2005

5:37pm: PARTY!!!
HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY LORRA!!! It's party time :)
Current Mood: excited

19th July 2005

9:15pm: Restlessness...
Since I've been home from Vegas I have been running non-stop...working hard and playing hard! The word "chill" hasn't applied to me for a while :) Some people have told me this is no good and that I need to settle down a little, but lately I have had this extreme feeling of restlessness that I just can't shake off. These past couple of days I have been somewhat stessed and I can't put my finger on the exact reason... I guess it's just a lot of little things that I really have no control over and that can drive a person crazy!! I decided to do a weightlifting class today to releave some of my stress as well as get me a little stronger :) As far a releaving stress...it did wonders... I don't think I'm any stronger yet tho! I might stay in toniht for a change... but just writing that makes me want to go out! What's wrong with me?? Oh well... This to shall pass (A note to myself)
Current Mood: restless

18th July 2005

9:01pm: This was so cool...
I went out to Bullwinkles last night with some friends to see Mr. Pink play. For those of you who haven't heard of them... they are awesome! The coolest part was when I requested "shook me all night long" after my buddie told me I should, not believing that they actually would. They totally played it and played the hell out of it! It was great!!! This Thursday and Friday are the bands last shows so you all should go check them out... I will be there Thursday!
Current Mood: amused

12th July 2005

3:30am: Back to Reality...
Well for those of you who didn't know... I have been in Vegas for the past week and a half. I just got in tonight at 12:30am and i'm still wide awake with wonderful memories of Vegas! OMG it was so much fun...even more fun than I had imagined it would be...which is always good :) Don't ask what happened tho because you all know "what happens in Vegas baby stays in Vegas"lol but I do love to talk so I'll probably end up spilling out some stuff. When I think back on my trip it's just a blur of good times... but I do remember everything which is a little surprising! Oh and no... I never threw up for those of you who were wondering :)I'm glad to be home even tho It feels a little strange to be back home after a long trip to Vegas with no responsibilities. It is a great feeling! But now I'm back in the real world and apparently it has been waiting for me. Well... time to start paying bills :(
Current Mood: happy

3rd July 2005

5:29am: Vegas here I come...
YAY I'm finally off to Vegas until the 12th!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th and stay safe...hehe!
Current Mood: ecstatic
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